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Mediation and Conflict Management Coaching

Personal Injury and Insurance Litigation

  • Founding partner in Canadian Dispute Resolution Corporation (CDRC) resolving hundreds of Insurance claims across Canada

Resource and Energy Sectors

  • Led the design of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) systems for the Alberta Energy and Utility Board (AEUB 1999) and the National Energy Board (NEB 2001) and provided internal training programs and Conflict Coaching.
  • Mediated dozens of company to company and landowner to Industry conflicts as well conflict issues with Aboriginal and Metis communities regarding resource development on traditional lands.
  • Customized Mediation processes for regulatory requirements for stakeholder engagement on numerous linear infrastructure projects, pipelines, powerlines and wind farms.

Commercial and Business Sectors

  • Resolved all manner of business and contract disputes including construction, employment, wrongful dismissal, professional liability, and estate and family enterprise transitions.

Municipalities, Provincial and Federal Government Departments and Agencies

  • Designed and implemented mediation and facilitation processes for The City of Calgary, Alberta Justice, Alberta Departments of Energy, Agriculture, and Environment, the BC Oil and Gas Commission, the Yukon Territorial Government, the Federal Department of National Defence and Parks Canada.

Contributions to Alternate Dispute Resolution

  • In 2008, Dave was asked to chair the Global Negotiation Insight Institute (GNII) in its transition from the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative.  He helped integrate the voices of wisdom represented in the world’s ethical, philosophical, and spiritual traditions and promoted their application into mainstream professional life in fields of law, conflict management and mediation.
  • Recently, Dave has created a Guide for Difficult Negotiations to support Accountants, Financial Planners, Business Coaches, Family Enterprise Advisors, and Estate Planners to assist their clients facing potential conflicts or difficult negotiations. He also created a Guide for Litigation counsel to assist them to prepare their clients for mediation.
  • In 2004 facilitated the CAPLA Company to Company (C2C) Task Force Report providing Energy Companies with assistance in selecting the most appropriate process for resolving conflict and improving business relationships.

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City of Calgary

Projects regarding mediation and facilitation of public conflicts includes: the sale of Enmax, Smoke Free Calgary By-law, Taxi By-law, Elbow River Storm Water Management Process, the Lynnwood Ridge/Imperial Oil refinery site reclamation, the Urban Development Institute regarding negotiations with the city water development permits, and the Baseline Risk
Assessment conversations with developers and the public regarding lands alongside rail corridors in Calgary in order to support a consistent policy framework.

Town of Okotoks

Facilitated negotiations between the Town of Okotoks and its developers to mitigate and resolve the impacts of the 2011 Alberta Court of Appeal Decision regarding municipal funding levies.

Laneway Housing Workshop and World Café, City of Calgary

Worked on a multi-party facilitated dialogue about the creation of laneway housing and new regulations that would support its development. Appropriate participants (land owners, businesses, developers and City staff) were brought together in a facilitated workshop to address the substantive issues around the design of laneway housing along 10A Street and 10 Street laneway in Calgary.

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Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd.

Designed mediation and facilitation processes for Bankers Petroleum in Albania with the assistance of Albanian government mediators to address challenges Bankers was experiencing with local communities and organizations related to their project, its environmental and community impacts and the shared economic benefits.

Invenergy Wind Canada

Designed and facilitated a Community Working Group to address the outrage and community resistance to the application for a wind farm in Southern Ontario.

Micro-Generation Stakeholder Session, Alberta Energy

Facilitated dialogue to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to contribute in the review of the Micro-Generation Regulation, bringing stakeholders together to have a full and frank conversation that allowed them to make valuable contributions in support of Alberta Energy’s decision-making process.

Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Mediation sessions with the Minnie Lake Conservation Society about the Energy Resources Conservation Board application for the drilling of heavy oil wells under and around Minnie Lake.

National Energy Board, The City of Whitehorse and its developers, The Government of the Yukon, Yukon Pipelines, and the British Yukon Railway Co.

Facilitated technical workshops regarding an abandoned 2nd World war oil storage tank farm and its impact on proposed future developments.

Shell Canada, Municipal District of Bighorn and Jumping Pound

Facilitated multiple sessions with area residents, Shell, and the MD regarding transportation and development issues.

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Montana Alberta Tie Ltd.

Facilitated numerous meetings and mediation sessions with landowners, their legal representatives and Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. over the construction of their 230kv international merchant transmission line in Southern Alberta.

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Alberta River Forecast Centre

Partner Engagement Lessons Learned, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD).
Engaged the River Forecast Centre partners, ESRD and stakeholders in discussions regarding the 2013 flood events to help define future projects and improve existing products and services.

Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Worked to design a facilitated stakeholder engagement process for the Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan to move the draft plan toward implementation. The intent was to collectively develop a proactive, place based, knowledge–driven, and adaptive plan and ensure triple-bottom line principles were met.

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First Nations Engagement

Mactaquac, New Brunswick Power Corporation

Assisted New Brunswick Power in engaging Aboriginal communities to develop a comprehensive Aboriginal engagement plan that sought to inform, engage, and understand the community’s interests, needs, concerns, and issues, and well as any opportunities associated with the three possible future options for the Mactaquac Generating Station.

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Government of Alberta 

Worked with the government’s Stakeholder Engagement team for Alberta Agriculture and Alberta Labour to design and facilitate the Employment Standards working group
consultations and to create recommendations for amendments to the Farm Safety legislation.

Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Suffield Facilitation

Facilitated multiple sessions with Encana, Department of National Defence, CFB Suffield, Federal Justice, Alberta Energy, ERCB (now AER), and Environment Canada regarding well licence applications and land access issues. Bombs and oil don’t mix well.

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